“Phenomenal Cosmic Power…Itty Bitty Living Space”

I’m sure we have all heard it said that a writer’s life is not a glamorous one, and for the majority of us this is more than likely true. My goal in writing may not be fame and fortune, however, my pants would forever be on fire if I said that the idea doesn’t cross my mind…constantly. I love the work I do, and for the most part the people I work with, but the measley sum I see in my bank account each week makes my mind wander to what greener pastures could exist beyond my current reality.

I’ve always been an artist, I don’t really believe in destiny, but entire universes have existed in my head since I was a child, I was inexorably drawn to write, both music and prose. The older I’ve gotten, the more jaded I’ve become, to the point where I started seeing the act of creating as a crutch for myself, I want a better life for my future family, I want to be able to sleep next to the woman I am going to marry more than once a week, I want a career that challenges me mentally. I have felt in recent years that if I’m wrong, and destiny is real, I was cosmically screwed in not being granted a practical mind.

I started this blog to stoke a flame that had burnt to embers, to focus my thoughts not on what I wanted for the future, but on what is most important for myself in the present; telling the stories that have been taking up residence in my head. Those stories that have waited so long for me to rub that proverbial lamp in the cave of wonders that we call the imagination, so that they could finally stretch, feel sunlight hit their alabaster pages, and travel our world to spread their tales.

My priorites are starting to shift, I feel that flame building again, so this experiment of which I set up for myself seems to be working. The writer’s life may not be glamorous, but I’d venture to say it is charmed at the very least, after all, there are worlds upon worlds that exist within us, that is a form of magic some envy above all else, so in a way I suppose it would be selfish to squander such a gift.

P.S. Quote credit from this post’s name obviously goes to the genie from Disney’s ‘Aladdin’, voiced by the late and wonderful Robin Williams, may he rest in peace.


10 thoughts on ““Phenomenal Cosmic Power…Itty Bitty Living Space”

    • Holy crap, haha, that’s eerie. We obviously have very similar outlooks on our crafts/lives. There’s this old saying, something about great minds, yada yada, something or other, I’m sure you know the one. ^.-

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      • You even referenced ‘magic’, haha! I know the one, ‘Great minds are universally adept at thinking in synchronicity, which actually makes them all awesome’….That one? 😉

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      • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

        Yeah, when I got to the end of your post I was like, “what, what, what?!”. I was attempting to stay within the confines of the genie in a lamp theme, so ‘magic’ seemed that right way to go.

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      • I’ve always seen writing as magic. For the reasons explained in my post…creating stories and lives out of nothing. I’m really trying not to like everything you post…but seriously?! Lol!

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      • I agree, it’s a very alchemical process. Haha, well I greatly appreciate that you like what I write so much, thank you. I’m trying to respond in kind, I read at a slow conversation pace though, so it takes awhile, but I’ve enjoyed your writing from what I’ve read so far.

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