My Unconventional Desk

I stand here on my lunch break with the warmest breeze my city has had this year caressing my face, street lamps in various stages of working order, some as blinding as the sun, others flickering with the light’s housing hanging by a single screw, waiting for the next hoodlum with a shoe or strong gust of wind to send it to the ground, shattering. This is my desk, the parking lot and street corners of your nondescript neighborhood megamart. My writing utensils, my thumb and phone.

I don’t do well with desks, and I tend to be more inspired in the middle of my nights of manual labor. By the time my novel is finished, I will have a book that was almost completely written using the ‘Pages’ word processor on my iPhone.

Time’s up, back to the mindless work that gives me so much time to think. Before I go, let me invite you to tell me about your desk; is it an abstract idea, or is it conventional, with a stapler, a calender featuring Chuck Norris or cat pictures, and a few bobble-heads?


21 thoughts on “My Unconventional Desk

  1. My ‘Desk’ is anywhere I can sit comfortably with my laptop. Never specifically a ‘desk’, more often the soda in my conservatory that looks out over my garden, right now lined with hundreds of poppy heads just waiting to open; or my bed, where I can sit quietly away from the world and clear my mind of ‘real’ stuff and let the characters and story lines breathe…Never on my phone…my fingers on this tiny keyboard can’t keep up with the ramshackle thought processes my brain has 😉

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    • Ha, you definitely aren’t crazy, the advent of the smartphone has allowed me to write the moment inspiration hits, rather than sitting around trying to will my muse to come around.


  2. My Desk is everywhere! Sometimes it’s my phone. Sometimes it’s in the bath tub. I’m always writing in my head. Maybe it doesn’t count if it doesn’t make it to print. But, I’m creating 75% of the time I’m awake. I don’t listen to the radio or play music (with words anyway) in my office. I’m a daydreamer. I tend to write higher quality when I just let it happen. Forcing myself to write at a designated writing place or time never seemed to work for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!!

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  4. My favorite “desk” is sitting in bed upon waking in the morning and scribbling in a notebook. That mental space is where I’m the most productive. Writing “old-skool” in a notebook helps me to organize my thoughts. If ever I feel lost on a piece, I work it out through writing by hand. Once I’ve got my thoughts organized, I use a laptop at a traditional desk or table, most often at the dining table in the dining room that we don’t typically use for dining. Just give me someplace where my attention is not needed and I’m good to go.

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      • It’s easy to forget a notebook and pen. I always carry these in my purse, but I can’t very well deal with them when I’m walking the dog or otherwise occupied when I’m out and about. If I have a strong idea, I repeat it to myself with a few key words and then write it down as soon as I can.


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