A Contemplation

As some of you know and have read already, I posted a snippet from my novel ‘Mad About You’ when I first started my blog. I have begun to weigh the pros and cons that would exist in posting my book in its entirety a piece at a time, to gauge interest in a story like the one I am writing, get honest feedback, and to keep myself motivated to see it through to completion in a timely manner. Obviously I am not a professional editor, so what you will be reading is a self-edited manuscript version of what will hopefully eventually be a finished novel.

What do all of you think, good idea, bad? I would love to hear your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “A Contemplation

  1. [New follower here. Hey c:]
    I think it’s a good idea to publish your piece here, because as you yourself said, you’ll be getting honest feedback, which will help you improve your novel. But even if you like an idea and others don’t, keep it. It’s stil your story.
    Hope this helped. This is just my opinion though. Have a nice day!

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