Making the Leap

Sensibility be damned, I’m going to do it! Okay, there probably isn’t a lack in sensibility when it comes to releasing my novel a piece at a time on here, I just wanted to say that.

With that said, starting Wednesday I will be posting unedited (not professionally edited that is) portions of my novel, of course starting from the beginning of the story. I’ll be cutting it up into sub-chapters that way you all don’t have a daunting wall of text in front of you.

There are no rules, no limitations, tell me what you really think, you won’t hurt my feelings, you will only be helping me to make the changes necessary to create the best first novel I can. So if you hate it, tell me why.

I’ll kick off with a short synopsis of the story, it’s going to be terrible, so hold onto your seats:

What would happen if we die, and St. Peter’s book of names at the gates of heaven were nothing more than a fable? What if when we die, no one does the work for you, and you are put on a transport–let’s say a train– travelling through limbo meant to push you into doing the most important job of your afterlife, judging yourself objectively, watching key moments of your past to end up at one of two destinations; heaven, or hell?

Samuel Collins had a life like you or I, full of love, loss, betrayal, grief, loss of faith in himself and humanity, and guilt. He is haunted by a past he blames himself for. Why? Only he knows, but as his train moves steadily to its destination, you too will travel closer still to understanding why this man feels he will never step through those pearly gates.

His story is universal. His story is not original by any means, though like you or I, he is an individual with unique life experiences. His story is, ‘Mad About You’.

Sidenote: Writing synopses makes me feel dirty and cheap…ewww.


6 thoughts on “Making the Leap

    • The only thing that was holding me back was uncertainty about copyright when it comes to a blog, but in doing some research, as long as it has a timestamp, it’s copyrighted.

      Have you published that novel you wrote? I still need to order that book, I keep forgetting.

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  1. I’ve considered this as well. I was worried if I ever actually finish and publish my novel, it won’t be as exciting because people have read it piece by piece already. Then I remembered how few people read my blog HA. Did you see my first chapter I posted? I am about to read yours… how exciting! I hope it works out well for you!!

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    • I’m almost certain that I did, I’ll have to go back and make sure, but whatever I read I enjoyed immensely.

      Yeah, I’m almost considering posting the first chapter in full and then leaving the rest for publication. Not sure yet, but it’ll be quite awhile before chapter one is over, so I’ve got time.

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