Mad About You Ch. 1 Pt. 2

Apologies for the constant change in formula this past week, and for the couple that follow. Anyway, I’ve decided on two things:

(If you don’t care about these things, scroll down, the sub-chapter is going to be further along)

1. While I would love to give you all the entirety of my novel in short snippets such as this, I would eventually like to try my hand at getting this published. So I’ve decided to provided the full first chapter, and keep the rest under wraps until Possible publication. Don’t worry, the first chapter is long, so you’ll get a good feel for the story.

2. I’ll be posting the sub-chapters twice a week, instead of just once.

Phew…that was a mouthful. Alright, on with the show. If this is your first time visting my blog, and your first read of the start of Samuel’s journey, go back and read ‘Mad About You Ch. 1 Pt. 1’, otherwise you’ll be lost.

Mad About You

Chapter One: Death/Awakening

Part Two

By: Patrick Hart

Samuel’s stomach took a great and terrible lurch as the door finished its arc alone, a small thwack to his right barely registered in the sudden confusion. He reached for the door frame as he was thrown to his left, pulling himself in and gripping the frame with his entire body; looking in that moment like a dendrophiliac having come across a particularly attractive knotty pine. The change had been instant, like going from zero to sixty in no seconds flat. He wanted to vomit. Physically being thrown out of one reality into another was nothing short of addling, he thought perhaps his organs had been left trailing somewhere behind him. It had felt like reality had been literally swept out from under his feet, like an overzealous Persian rug, excited to show him just how fast it could fly. What he saw when his eyes finally caught up to him was extraordinary.

A sprawling landscape, a world of a strange monochrome lay outside the windows in the hallway of what appeared to be a fast-moving locomotive. It was hard for him to wrap his head around at first, for, the physics of it all made no sense, after all, a room behind a closed door on a train still moved. Here however, it seemed that the laws of physics were on holiday. He would have to come back to this, as he came to find that the complete lack of a sensible reality couldn’t take his mind off of the sheer, awe-inspiring strangeness of a world so completely devoid of color. Strange, as Samuel would come to find, is not only just a guest in the land of the dead, but sole proprietor of all your deathly needs, concerns, and queries.

The sun was out, this was the first thing he noticed, since it may as well have been naught but a plain white poker chip, for all the good it did pasted to the view outside; like a place holder on a child’s grade-school collage of a landscape. “Just in case you had forgotten where the sun goes, pal…” Samuel muttered under his breath with a perfunctory gesture toward the direction of this false sun. This bright, white, loveless light shone over the flattest desert landscape he had ever seen, it seemed to carry on forever, he wasn’t entirely sure that it didn’t. The most troublesome part lay in the idea that whenever he turned his head, out of the corner of his eye there was more out there, he would swear on it. 

None of this, as far as he could tell, could be understood in any coherent fashion at the present time, so he unlatched his fingers from the door frame; again, the pain he was expecting did not come, a twinge of guilt shot through his chest and he cringed. He thought that perhaps, hell for one such as himself would turn out to be having exactly what he felt that he should never have, relief; that would be a very clever move. Indeed, Samuel knew for a fact that such a sly act on God’s part would without any shadow of a doubt bring him to complete madness much quicker than fire and brimstone, those things were mere child’s-play next to good old-fashioned guilt.

His reflection on these things came to a halt as the train took a turn to the left that he wasn’t expecting, causing Samuel to be thrown back into his newly retired hospital room. Only, as he was falling backward, he noticed the room was now no larger than four feet by six feet. No longer was it the sterile whitewashed room, but a train compartment with a bunk to his left, and a bench on the right. To his dismay, he found out about the latter, when his head collided with the edge of the bench. He had just enough time before blacking out to think just how curious this all was.


6 thoughts on “Mad About You Ch. 1 Pt. 2

    • Glad to hear you enjoy the quick reads, I wasn’t sure if that was the right approach or not.

      In its essence, it’s about a man, who having passed away bitter and angry, is forced to confront his past in the afterlife. He lost a great deal in life, both by his own doing and that of others (much like we all do), but he was never able to move past his love for the one that got away, this caused ripples that would ultimately turn him into the self-loathing, angry, and apathetic man who you meet at the beginning of the story.

      I hope that makes sense, there are a lot of things going on in the book, that’s pretty much just the baseline. Samuel represents me in a large way, and what I fear of becoming, so I tackle my estranged past with religion while working through my most fundamental philosophical beliefs, on top of a life full of regret, betrayal, confusion, and pain.

      I don’t really think it will be a popular book at all, it is really depressing and more therapy for myself than anything wrapped up in a fictional setting.

      Have you made it through all five parts of the chapter so far? What are your thoughts if you don’t mind me asking?


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