I wrote this quite some time ago, thought it might be worth sharing.

There are moments of loneliness that prey upon us at the worst times

Those moments when we are alone

Staring at the ceiling as the wind and rain beat their unintelligible rhythms upon our bedroom windows

Our pillow becomes our only friend

And our beds are just a little too big for any comfort to be found

These moments are cold

We find it impossible to remember the touch of a hand that is not our own

Lain sweetly upon a chest bared to a world in which the population happily remains at two

These moments are hollow

There are no eyes to stare deeply down the tunnel of your soul

Daring you to try to hide your deepest secrets as they chase you down the darkest corridors of your past

Only to embrace you near the end

And whisper, “It’s alright, I’m here, you aren’t alone”

These moments are necessary

But that knowledge will never make them any easier to accept

As tears fall on that pillow

The emotionless, inanimate friend whose purpose is lost on you on a sleepless night

Yearning for that bed to become just a little bit smaller


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